The Pandemic: UK Healthcare Workers Hurt by Government Mismanagement

The coronavirus was detected in the United Kingdom in late January 2020 and the country is currently one of the worst-hit in the world....

Stop Oyster Exports: The Economic War Between the UK and the EU is Escalating

UK's conflict with the EU is taking on new dimensions following its exit from the bloc and the two sides are seeking retaliatory measures....
the UK National Security

Post-Brexit and the Need to Change British National Security Priorities

Brexit and the pandemic have doubled uncertainties in the UK. The priorities of the National Security Strategy of the United Kingdom are no longer valid. The...

Post-Brexit Economic Costs for the UK

Brexit is incurring the biggest costs on British businesses, because it affects the business model. Capital flows, including direct investment in the UK, will...

Scottish Elections: The Prospects of the May Elections and its Impact on the Independence...

Scotland has stated its outspoken opposition to leaving the EU from the outset, and its people, unlike the rest of Britain, voted against Brexit...
Red Budget Box, is Gladstone’s 1860 leather briefcase

Boris Johnson’s Defence Policies: the UK Budget Deficit

The fiscal year ends on 5 April in the UK. The Chancellor of the Exchequer announces the Budget once a year in the House...

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