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The latest and most accurate analysis and content related to Brexit in the UK (England – Scotland – wales – Northern Ireland)

Brexit: Court and Judiciary Changes in the UK after the Brexit Deal

After nearly four years of uncertainty and negotiations, the UK and the EU struck a Brexit deal on 24 December 2020 and ended all...

EU-UK Trade Deal: An Agreement with an Uncertain Catastrophic Future

Less than a week before the deadline for Brexit to take effect, the UK and the EU announced on 24 December that they had...

The UK Levies More Taxes on Scotland and Discriminates Against it in Subsidies

According to Ian Blackford, Leader of the Scottish National Party in the House of Commons, Scotland has been subsidising the rest of Britain for...

Scotland, Brexit and Britain’s Dilemma: Separation or Membership?

Scotland, from the very beginning of the formation of the European Union (EU), did not agree with Britain's membership. Gradually, however, the country's approach...
UK's transition after Brexit

Brexit: A hard screw in front of the economy!

Brexit stands for Britain’s decision to exit the European Union (EU). The process began on 23 June 2016 when 17.4 million UK citizens voted...
Brexit will destroy eu

Brexit and the spread of nationalism in the EU

The immigration crisis EU countries are very different from each other in many aspects of their national power. For example, the economic power of...
Economy on post-Brexit era

Brexit: The Catastrophic Economic Outlook for the UK after Leaving the EU

The UK formally left the EU on 31 January 2020. The process started on 23 June 2016, when about 52% of Britons voted to...
Is there a Brexit we can live with?

Brexit: The Consequences of a Probable No-Deal Brexit on Life in Britain

Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) after almost five decades, is the outcome of a marginal vote reached...

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