Britain Has Pulled Out of the Israel-Palestinian Case!

After Donald Trump's so-called Deal of the Century in January, the world was once again reminded of the United States' partiality in the decades-long...
Elon Musk

Elon Musk Purchase of Twitter Could Empower Republicans

American mogul billionaire Elon Musk has struck a deal to buy Twitter for 44 billion dollars. The world’s richest person is taking over the...
Sport Is a Tool in the Hands of Politicians

Russia-Ukraine War: Sport Is a tool in the Hands of Politicians

Politicising sports minimises the cultural performance of professional sports. Banning countries from sporting events for political reasons is a violation of human rights. Now...

Galloping Post-Covid Inflation in the UK

Fuel Inflation Rising crude oil prices on world markets and fuel prices are other factors contributing to rising inflation in the UK. In March, the...
Israeli human rights

The EU’s indifference to Israeli human rights abuses

How has the EU reacted to Palestinian and Israeli pressures? What does the EU want from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What is the reason for the negligence...
sanctions against Russia

The Ukraine Crisis: The West’s sanctions against Russia are not deterrent

Sanctions are no longer an effective strategy for controlling the hostile behaviour of countries and governments. As we are witnessing, the West has imposed...
British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister Critisised for Comparing the War in Ukraine with Brexit

In a provocative move, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, compared the Ukrainian struggle with Russia to the action of British people who voted...
Food Security

Ukraine war puts European food security at risk

How has the Russian invasion of Ukraine affected world food security? What is the reason for the unprecedented rise in vegetable oil prices after the...
British libraries

Covid-19: Decrease in the income of British libraries

What has been the reason for the decrease in British visits to libraries in the last two years? How much has the reduction in direct...
Tax rising

2022 UK economy: Tax rising causes inflation in the UK

Tax rising in Britain has created terrible inflation in the UK Tax rising causes inflation, and inflation causes a lack of budget. As a result of...

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