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The latest and most accurate analysis and content related to Brexit in the UK (England – Scotland – wales – Northern Ireland)

IMF UK economic forecast

Economic Crisis: IMF Negative Forecast for the UK Economy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted in its latest report that the UK economy will shrink this year and record the worst performance compared to...
Brexit will destroy eu

Brexit and the spread of nationalism in the EU

The immigration crisis EU countries are very different from each other in many aspects of their national power. For example, the economic power of...
Disadvantages of Brexit for the UK Could Plunge the Country into Financial and Social Crisis

Disadvantages of Brexit for the UK Could Plunge the Country into Financial and Social...

Readers will learn: Why will the UK lag behind other advanced countries in the global recovery? How does leaving the EU affect the UK's economic activities? When...
Second Referendum

A Second Referendum in Scotland

The second Scottish independence referendum will be held next year. By the end of 2023, UK lawmakers will have to face big problems. Next year,...

Strikes Stifle UK Economic Growth

The latest GDP data show that public service and teacher strikes hampered service sector development in February, resulting in negative growth. February's UK economic...
Money Laundering

Brexit: money laundering opportunities in the UK

The UK has become "the jurisdiction of choice for dirty money", harming its national reputation and democratic institutions A cross-party group of MPs have said...
Will the UK’s isolation human rights in Britain?

The Impact of UK’s Isolation on Human Rights and Future of Democracy

The saga of nationalism v globalisation ended in the UK with its withdrawal from the EU and Britain isolating itself from Europe and the...
Rishi Sunak's election promises

UK Government Faces Backlash for Failing to Abolish EU Laws as Promised During Brexit

Despite promises made for the post-Brexit period, the UK government now intends to keep some European rules in place that were previously slated for...
British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister Critisised for Comparing the War in Ukraine with Brexit

In a provocative move, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, compared the Ukrainian struggle with Russia to the action of British people who voted...
UK GDP Breakdown

The UK GDP Breakdown; Uncertain Future of Britain’s Economy

The UK economy has suffered a significant slump in the first quarter of 2022. Decreased production and low investment have resulted in the UK...

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